Shraddha Kapoor the bluffmaster!!!


~ Catch the diva discuss friendship, love, pranks and lots more only on zoOm’s GeNext, Future of Bollywood ~



Shradhha Kapoor charmed one and all with her innocence in Ashiqui 2.  This week the girl-next-door talks about her journey in Bollywood. Daughter of a popular villain in Bollywood, Shraddha may have been exposed to cinema since a young age but this young lass would always shun away the thoughts of starring in a Bollywood movie. Little did she know that destiny had already chosen a path for her!


This week on GeNext- Future of Bollywood, the diva talks to zoOm about her desperation to be a part of the Indian film industry and succeeding on her own terms. Did you know Shraddha’s big break was much like her character Aarohi in her superhit- Aashiqui 2? Catch the maverick director Mohit Suri talk about his first meeting with Sharddha. Also directors Vivek Bushan (Bumpy) and Mahesh Bhatt talk about the nuances that make her a star that connects with the audiences across age groups.


Watch Shraddha spill the beans on her life before Bollywood where she candidly confesses to cheating in exams, stealing the semi-final exam question papers and having a crush on Hrithik Roshan! Shakti Kapoor’s darling daughter seemed to be quite the daredevil. Witness daddy dear and her protective brother talk about their experiences as her bodyguards even before the release of her 100 Crore blockbuster.


Shraddha may be the epitome for new age romance however her heart is still hung up on old romantic classics- Pyassa being her favourite. Witness Shraddha Kapoor as the prankster, her daddy’s lil’ princess and as the girl-next-door who has made a mark in Bollywood on her own this week on GeNext, Future of Bollywood.


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