Shraddha Sharma tries to get lucky


Fates change and luck takes the forefront when it comes to playing Khulja Sim Sim with host Aman Verma. This week, BIG MAGIC viewers will get a chance to witness stars descend on their television sets as Bhojpuri actress and the heartland‘s lady, Shraddha Sharma steps forward to try her luck and win the jackpot on the show.

In the special episode which will be telecast, audiences will get a chance to see the curvaceous Bhojpuri actress and the heartland‘s lady, Shraddha Sharma, try her luck in a special evens and odds dice game. With goodies galore as a probable prize, Shraddha will tempt fate as she tries to spin the perfect number that will help her win the prize waiting for her.

Delivering on the promise of endless fun and entertainment, Khulja Sim Sim has been enlightening contestants and bestowing them with prizes since the show went on air earlier this month. However, it is the spirit of the contestants which at the end of the day makes the game a worthy watch for audiences and motivates them to try their luck and walk away with grand prizes as well.


So will Shraddha Sharma get lucky as well?


To find out, don‘t miss Khulja Sim Sim

Monday to Thursday at 8.30 PM





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