Shri Ashok Singh Bhadoria ready to fight election from Ater Constituency


Bhind, When a journey to develop an area starts, it just not only about providing light, water and making buildings. It is equally important to develop the people of the area who can drive the journey of this development further. Keeping this his primary agenda, Ashok Singh Bhadoria today shared that, post having consent from his native, he is all ready to fight the upcoming elections from Ater constituency.

‘I am keen to contest elections as a BJP candidate from my area. The reason behind my thought is I have been really influenced by the policies implemented by the Central Government till date. Initiatives live Digital India, SwachhBharat are one of its kind campaigns which are a step ahead of just bringing balance. I feel it is time to move ahead of just providing food and shelter. These are primary requisites and I know these can’t be ignored. But, it is time we support the people in such areas to become capable to run on their own in the main stream in the long run. Hence I will always support such initiatives as these are not just one time offering. It is a journey’, said Ashok Singh Bhadoria at a press conference in Bhind today.

Discussing about his 3Es focus i.e. Educating, Empowering and Enabling the natives of Ater, he shared that firstly, it is inevitably important to make every child educated as it is only education which will bring positive thoughts and confidence in a person. The children are the future to Keshupura’s development and they will form the base to it. Presently there is lack of infrastructure support in schools. There are no computers, labs and recreational centers in village schools. The primary requisite is to make the schools in the area well equipped with all the basic amenities and our constant focus is to have good teachers in the schools. It is only then we will be able to accomplish the goal of getting every child to the schools.

There is no second thought when it comes to the power of connecting to the .com world. Almost all major initiatives of government are now available on digital platforms and can be best utilized not only for information extraction but also to align them with main line. The best example in the online service provided by MP ONLINE, which is the portal for all services put forward by government to youth, but majority of our youths have no access to internet and neither they know how to operate computers.The gap between Rural and urban India need to be bridged, which can only be done through digital medium.

When it comes to amplifying the literacy rate in the region, it definitely needs to be smaller steps as it’s not possible to implement everything at one goas we need to realize how much they can learn in the initial phase. So, our initial step would be to enable the citizens to sign their names and free them from thumb impression. As per my understanding, this will not only generate curiosity among the citizens of villages about will bring in awareness about literacy as a must for future development.

The ‘AngoothaSaaf’ campaign really had good response from the natives wherethe school going kids were the driving force and reinforced their parents with the power of writing their names and use it while signing any important document.

Shri Bhadoria is also very aggressive towards providing clean water for drinking to the citizens of the area.Clean water testing is really important so that the citizens are not consuming contaminated water and becoming victims to such diseases. It is a step to support the government’s Clean India front to offer clean drinking water to the people.Just developing the area with infrastructure will not work for the long run. It is imperative to empower the local people, hence Shri Bhadoria is pretty certain about joining politics to take the journey of development forward.

About Ashok Singh Bhadoria: Ashok Singh Bhadoria was born in 1957 in Ater in Bhind district, Madhya Pradesh. He did his B.A. from Jiwaji University, Gwalior and joined the Madhya Pradesh Police in 1982 as Sub-Inspector.  Shri Bhadoria’s late father, Shri Narendra Singh Bhadoria was the Additional SP of the Madhya Pradesh Police and later was the Mandi President from 2000-2006.