Siemens Installs India’s First Ultrasound System with Wireless Transducers at K.G. Hospital, Coimbatore
The only company providing an ultrasound system with wireless transducers in the world

K.G. Hospital now has access to advanced ultrasound technology, vital for clinical fields requiring a sterile environment
The hospital can operate the transducers up to three meters away from the system

August 2014: Siemens Healthcare successfully installed India’s first ultrasound system with wireless transducers at K.G. Hospital. The installation provides a significant boost to availability of latest technology and healthcare innovation.

In operating theatres or interventional environment, transducer cables have always been a cumbersome necessity in ultrasound imaging. Not only are they an impediment to fast and ergonomic examination procedures, but they also present an infection control risk in sterile interventional settings, even when they are covered in sterile sheaths. Acuson Freestyle is the solution to these problems — it eliminates the cables and also helps the user to operate the transducers up to three meters away from the system without compromising the sterile field, providing a more ergonomic environment for physicians.

“Siemens is a pioneer in ultrasound imaging and the wireless ultrasound system is a result of our continued contribution towards innovation. In Acuson Freestyle, removal of cables has made a significant difference enabling an ergonomic environment for physicians in operating theatres or interventional environment, further helping them to make better treatment decisions,” mentioned Mr. Kailash Yagnik, Head - Clinical Products Division, Siemens Healthcare, India.

Dr. G. Bakthvathsalam, Chairman, K.G. Hospital (a 350-bedded NABH accredited), comments “At K.G. Hospital we aim to provide world-class imaging service at affordable rates. This will enable a vast majority of our population to receive the benefits of international standard diagnostic services and we are convinced that the Siemens Acuson Freestyle solution will help us achieve this objective.”

Three wireless transducers are available for the Acuson Freestyle system, covering a range of general imaging, vascular and high-frequency applications such as musculoskeletal and nerve imaging. The user can operate the transducers up to three meters away from the system, which includes an ergonomic interface that enables remote control of scanning parameters from within the sterile field. The Acuson Freestyle system has a 38-centimeter, high-resolution LED display. The system console can be mounted easily on a lightweight cart. It operates on very high frequency and very low power so it won’t interfere with other equipment. One of the benefits of low power is that the battery life is high as the consumption is relatively low. The system can be operated for 90 minutes with one battery.All the batteries are rechargeable and interchangeable; it has an alternate battery if the current one gets depleted.

Wireless transducers can also expand ultrasound into new and emerging applications, such as administering nerve blocks, enhancing vascular access, and improving target localization through ultrasound guidance during therapeutic interventions and biopsies.

Siemens Ltd., in which Siemens AG holds 75% of the capital, is the flagship listed company of Siemens AG in India. Siemens in India including Siemens Ltd. comprises 13 legal entities (as of December 2013), is a leading powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering with a business volume aggregating about Rs. 12,000 crore. It operates in the core business areas of Industry, Infrastructure & Cities, Energy and Healthcare. It has a nation-wide sales and service network, 23 manufacturing plants and employs about 18,500 people. Further information is available on

K.G. Hospital is a 350-bedded NABH accredited hospital offering a variety of healthcare services. With the reputation of being one of the finest medical centers in the country, the Hospital has grown into a completely self-contained healthcare unit boasting some of the most sophisticated equipments available in the world to earn national recognition as a leader in providing World Class Health Service to the common man at affordable cost. Further information is available on

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