Fashion designers all agree that the accessories we wear, particularly jewelry, are very important in our appearance. Well chosen, accessories can enhance an outfit and make the person wearing them shine. When purchasing fashion jewelry, you must look not only to what is new and fresh, but rather to what is valuable. Nothing can compete with refined silver jewelry.
Changing accessories every season can be really costly. And what do you do with your old accessories? Are you just going to throw away the money you invested? Here’s my suggestion: buy valuable jewelry made of silver. Next to gold and platinum, silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry. It’s not only great looking and modern, but it is also affordable. Gold jewelry, although more valuable, can be out of many people’s financial reach, but pretty much anyone can afford to buy silver accessories. Most people choose sterling silver, which is standardly marked as 925. This marking shows that the jewelry is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy. Since silver is too soft in pure state, it has to be strengthened with a mixture of alloys; hence the 925 sterling silver jewelry.
Although its price is fairly low, its quality is very high. The jewelry market today is filled with tens and thousands of jewelry models, from simple silver pendants to massive and intricate jewelry. Every year, jewelry designers strive to come up with new models to satisfy both simple and sophisticated jewelry tastes. If you’re interested in silver pendants, you’ll find a plethora of models online. Silver is a very malleable material, it’s flexible and thus it can be shaped into as many models as you can imagine. If you’ll just take a look online at some of the suppliers that sell silver jewelry in your area, you’ll find an incredible variety of silver pendants, silver earrings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, chains, rings and all sorts of other accessories and ornaments.
Fashion accessories that are made with plastic, wood, stainless steel and other materials only have immediate value. They lose their value once they are bought or once fashion trends fade out, but silver has timeless value as it’s a precious metal. Therefore, buying silver jewelry can be seen as an investment. If you’re bored of your old silver jewels, you can always sell them or exchange them with new jewelry. Old sterling silver jewelry can be sold off in antique shops or even in auctions, with the possibility of obtaining more money than you originally paid for the jewelry.
Silver is really a great choice in terms of jewelry. Silver jewels are valuable, affordable, they come in a variety of designs and they last for a long time, without falling victim to fashion trends. Moreover, silver jewels like silver pendants are very versatile; they can be worn on any occasion, be it day or night, and they make the people wearing them look youthful and fresh.
Pick valuable silver jewelry to enhance your appearance. These silver pendants will look stunning on you.