Carlsbad, CA (September 11, 2015) - Silver Olas, a Carlsbad Ca. carpet cleaning company has recently announced its 24 hours service. “There’s nothing we can do about the flood but we can help to clean up the damage that results from it”, Jimmy Olas said; owner of Silver Olas. This company came up with a system in their flood restoration services which includes removal of the remaining water while rapidly drying the floor to prevent further damage. And they don’t just keep the floor dry, they also disinfect and deodorize it so it won’t be inhabited by molds which can cause additional issues in the long run.

“Disaster can strike anytime”, Jimmy said. “Most of the time, you can hear this happening over the news or in your neighbors. However, as with anyone else, it can also happen to you”, Jimmy added. Water damage can result to wet cabinets, wet drywall, wet carpets, wet laminate floors or water on wooden floors. This would mean a long dealing process with your insurance company causing so much hassle for the reconstruction process.  But as long as you have a good carpet cleaning Carlsbad Ca, intervention can be done before it can get this worse.

Furthermore, water damage is often an emergency case that needs immediate solution. Besides, you can have your own little “flood emergencies” in your home anytime. Silver Olas guarantees fast response and has proven its worth throughout their years of service(

Silver Olas can bill all insurance companies and they have been working with them since they started doing their business. They also offer free estimates and can be of service to you without holidays, 24/7.  As a family owned business, it has protected its reputation by employing only the latest technology and professional service.

While some companies are in the service to earn money, they are in this trade to help customers and do what is only necessary. They are in the business to help you save your carpet, drywall, wood cabinets and many fixtures in your home.

About Silver Olas
Silver Olas is a family owned company in San Diego that offers 24/7 service. Aside from water damage and flood restoration services, they also offer mold removal, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and stone cleaning, rug cleaning and wood floor cleaning. And they are IICRC certified, a proof that they don’t just settle for the standard but wants to offer the best service. You can check their YouTube channel to know about the technology employed by them and also their Facebook( page.

For more details on Silver Olas, you can check out Here’s their contact details; Silver Olas Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning, 5315 AvenidaEncinas, Carlsbad CA 92008, Phone: (760) 957-0731, Jimmy Olas.

Silver Olas Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning
5315 AvenidaEncinas, Carlsbad CA 92008
Phone: (760) 957-0731, Jimmy Olas