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The Simon mini LED Flashlight T6 Pro developed by is now available, using a Cree LED bulb to provide superior lighting in a compact package. This mini flashlight is the new choice of military and law enforcement professionals, and consumers like it as a useful self-defense tool.

This consumer version T6 Pro LED flashlight is both rugged and lightweight. Aircraft-grade (6061) aluminum is used for its body, and its weight is less than half a pound. This makes it durable and comfortably portable in the palm of a hand.

Simon Volkov, Simon Brands CEO, designed the T6 Pro to be versatile and multipurpose. “It brings great benefit to a broad range of people,” he says, “from business owners to sailors on expedition, to law enforcement, to service providers, and to individuals. Moreover, it’s not just a hand-held device, but can be mounted onto weapons, hard hats, and helmets.”

In fact, because the Simon Cree LED flashlight emits up to 500 lumens, it’s ideal in tactical situations or just walking your pets. “This level of luminosity is versatile,” notes Volkov, “making the light a good personal safety device.”

Many women find the bright luminosity a tactical safety feature particularly attractive. The Cree LED bulb’s blinding effect helps them to fend off an attacker and make their escape. Its smallness renders it easy to tuck out of the way while walking the dog or jogging, and yet it furnishes additional lighting in predawn and evening hours.

The versatility of the Simon LED flashlight carries over into its controls and accessories. The 16 dial focus settings allow beam adjustment from tight and focused to a broad fan. The on/off push button is also a soft-touch control cycling among high-beam, medium-beam, low-beam, strobe, and S.O.S. signaling.

A heavy duty belt clip and adjustable lanyard wristband make it convenient handling in awkward spaces such as when working on boat hulls or automobile engines. There’s no limit to the household uses of this mini flashlight. And it is the perfect companion for fishermen, boaters, and hunters.

Nevertheless, its suitability for home use does not make the Simon T6 pro LED flashlight any less suitable for military and law enforcement applications. Officers use its bright light to impair the vision of suspects temporarily, enabling them to subdue them successfully without having to resort to deadly force.

The Simon Brands high power Cree flashlight runs on three AAA alkaline batteries, providing up to two hours of continuous operation. Alternatively, it can accommodate rechargeable lithium ION batteries. The Cree bulb is built to last, delivering up to 100,000 hours of luminosity.

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