Jacksonville, FL April 2nd, 2013 – The small business specialist firm JWB has just released Profession Pal, a business management software tool that could prove invaluable to business owners everywhere. Profession Pal is designed with the average business user in mind. For years software companies have been developing software for companies both big and large. The problem with the software developed by these larger companies is they either don’t make it with the real end user in mind or its way too expensive for the average business user to make use of. Profession Pal aggressively addresses both of these areas by being super simple and super affordable. You can take a look at the awesome features Profession Pal offers here http://www.professionpal.com

Several levels of pricing are offered to accommodate everyone from the 1 man shop to the super huge companies with 1,000′s of employees. You can find the pricing at http://www.professionpal.com . I suggest taking advantage of the free trial that’s being offered to get the feel. Profession Pal succeeds at putting all of your business needs in one place. No longer is it necessary to switch between different windows and screens with Profession Pal everything can be accessed in one place.

JWB specializes in assisting business owners simplify their operations and increase market share through software and web development. JWB has been in business for years and is a combination of a team of engineers with over 20 years of experience. They are known for really listening to the customers’ needs and creating real life working solutions.

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Al Wood
Media Relations Specialist