A new WordPress plugin has been launched recently to improve the performance of the site and make users work more productive. Named as Simple Search Plugin, it comes with a simple user friendly interface that matches exactly with WordPress. There is no denying that a lot of good and simple plugins are available on the net. However, what sets Simple Search Plugin apart is its affordable price.

The Simple WordPress Search Plugin is a search plugin for bloggers who use the WordPress site. The main aim of it is to help users search and filter through custom fields which have been assigned to WordPress posts and WooCommerce products. It is designed in such a way where users choose the custom fields they want the plugin to search and a dropdown from all of the specified options that are available per custom field will automatically be created. The new plugin comes fully loaded with additional features by allowing users to choose colors to suit their website design. They can also decide on the text font from the many options provided. The plugin is fully customizable and users can change all search criteria and choose search results page from their own pages. This gives users the power in fully creating a unique and responsive site.

Simple Search WordPress Pluging is available for interested users for purchase and it is priced at $3.99 only. With such innovative and simple to manipulate features, the price is very reasonable for all users. The plugin is available for download on the official website with proper instruction on how to download and install it. WordPress is one of the most popular sites where both individuals and companies use it to blog about their interest and brands. Using plugins like Simple Search will help users in managing their blog effectively and more user friendly.  For more information please visit http://simplesearchplugin.com/

About simplesearchplugin

Simple Search Plugin is a new search plugin for WordPress site. Users can download it for just $3.99 and customize their site to make it more users friendly and effective.




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