China - With the boomingly atmosphere of this year¡¯s Brazil world cup, the industry of football boots also welcome their newly peak in this year. From the introduction of editor of famous adidas F50 adizero sale online seller sports kicks, the black and white simple style shoe become more and more unpopular in this year as the shocking of the new fashionable trend in this industry.

The sales manager from famous New Football Boots online seller sports kicks said that the designation of the cheap football shoes was always limited by color and material before the late 1990s. In general situation, the Kangaroo leather should be used to make the football shoes but because it is very difficult to be dyed so the staining process for the football shoe with this material is very difficult. So, the colors of the early football shoes are usually black, white or occasionally red.

Until 1998, Brazil football super star Ronaldo put on a pair of silver color shoes. The main colors of this shoe were silver and blue. On the other hand, this football shoe use the synthetic material, which also allows the use of color on the shoes had so big innovation. During this year, players who wear black shoes become fewer and fewer even the black football shoe will evolve into the referee¡¯s exclusive shoe in the future.

British Guardian done investigation of the 32 World Cup team and they also collect the color of each player¡¯s shoes in this investigation. Among their 352 investigated players, there are only seven football players who wear black color boots and put there are also 124 people who wear white boots, 105 people wearing yellow boots and 69 people wearing orange boots.

Among all of these players who wear the black color shoe, the wearers are usually the goalkeeper on the playing ground, including Argentina goalkeeper Romero, Bosnian goalkeeper Berg Abramovich, Cameroon goalkeeper, England goalkeeper Hart, Iran goalkeeper and many others. However, the Italian players De Rossi said he still like the simple black color if there was not the sponsor¡¯s request and today¡¯s dazzling colors make him overwhelming.

For most of people who have very deeply sense of nostalgia, the black and white color football shoes will be always their favorite choice . However, the development of the football boots industry will let the simple designation football eventually become the displaying objects in the museum. If people want to purchase the cheap football boots with good price, please get contact with sports Kicks by the following information.

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