VANCOUVER, BC, August 2013: In her debut book, “Live a Life You Love: How to Change Your Life and Manifest Your Desires“, writer and life skills coach Sarah DesRoches offers simple tools to help you get what you want out of life. The ebook is available now through Amazon and the Kindle Store, here

Pulling from her research in spirituality, health and wellness, and yoga, DesRoches provides ways of gaining life-altering perspective, through visualization exercises and mantras, for which a person may free oneself from the past and overcome the fears that restrain them from finding personal fulfillment. The book explores concepts including forgiveness, understanding your comfort zone, and how to achieve a balanced lifestyle, all in order to help readers find new inspiration and gain easy access to making small changes that offer big results. 

The author’s personal application of these methods and success in re-directing her life have led her to share the wisdom in an easily digestible 41-page ebook. The book is the culmination of DesRoches’s personal dissatisfaction with a demanding and unsatisfying career as a Pastry Chef. After working for eight years in the food service industry, during which time she worked under celebrity Chefs and at one point, in what was voted Canada’s best restaurant, DesRoches felt an undeniable pull to redirect her life and seek a more balanced, healthful lifestyle. In doing so, she has been able to find personal fulfillment, and has also been able to help others find the same through her transition into the world of life coaching. 

Sarah DesRoches is an author, Life Skills Coach, and Red Seal Pastry Chef with a passion for balanced, holistic living. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she runs her practise as a Life Skills Coach. 

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