If you have ever been involved in the wedding planning process, you know that it is not easy to find enough time to devote to it unless you are a wedding planner. Fortunately, people who are planning weddings can now take advantage of the wedding planning app to simplify the process. With the wedding planner app, you can manage preparations faster, easier and better.


The four most popular kinds of wedding planning applications include guest list apps, checklist apps, countdown apps and planning apps. Couples who are planning to get married love to know the number of days, minutes and seconds remaining before the big day. It is indeed exciting to see the numbers melt each time a person unlocks the screen of a mobile phone. This is what countdown apps are for. Many of the apps are simple and you can use them for any occasion. However, some countdown apps have a fancy custom design.


One of the wedding planner app available in the market is Wedding Countdown. It allows users to count the number of days that are separating them, share the snapshots of the countdown, filter and frame the background images and initiate multiple countdowns. This app is pretty handy. Another wedding countdown app available is Dreamdays Countdown. It enables users to create many countdowns and sort them by categories. Users can either choose to add a custom background or utilize the available ones. Calendar and social share are also built into the application.


When it comes to wedding checklist apps, one of the best examples is Wedding Checklist. It offers a comprehensive and customizable to do list. With this app, you will not forget about thank-you notes, bridal bouquets of the ring bearer pillow. The application also has a guest list with the options to input a name, side and determine if the invitation is sent. You can also check if a particular guest will attend the event. The Wedding Checklist app is easy to use and works best for basic planning because it includes vendor, schedule and budget sections.


Another example of the wedding planning app is WeddingWire. This app is user friendly. As you create your account, you can upload or take a picture of yourself and your fiancé for a profile photograph. You can then begin a countdown to the date of your event. There are several categories in the WeddingWire app, namely Budget, Checklist, Favorites, Guests, Find a Wedding Vendor and Find a venue. Others include Real Wedding Photos, Dresses, Wedding Deals and Forums. This app offers more than seventy things to do with the checklist and there is an option to add more. In the Budget section, there is a detailed expense planner that has approximate estimates of how many users can spend at each point from the entire budget they previously preset.


The best wedding planer applications are designed to assist couples to digitize their wedding preparations. They are handy, allowing users to be productive round the clock. As a user, you can plan your wedding anytime you are free. A wedding app will allow you to keep track of your wedding plan in one place, create your shopping list and organize it, create a guest list and manage it, set a budget for your special day and provide your guests with wedding gift ideas.


If you are looking for the wedding planning app, then you can select the iwedplanner app. This wedding planner app offers all the features you need to organize and plan your marriage ceremony. It will periodically remind you of upcoming events so that you will be well organized. iWedPlanner is a good example of the wedding planner app available in the market.