16, December 2015: Well-known Singapore financial education provider, BigFatPurse Pte Ltd, has announced their highly accessible training room is available for rental on an hourly or all-day basis. It is centrally located at 38 Orchard Road Level 2, next to DhobyGhaut MRT.

BigFatPurse conducts financial education courses to empower the public with practical financial strategies and tips to grow their wealth. The rental classroom can be set up in classroom style for a maximum of 36 people or in theater style for a maximum of 50 people.

Rates for a full eight hours Monday-Friday are $600, additional hours at $70/hour. Full day rates for Saturday and Sunday are $740, additional hours at $90/hr.

Monday-Friday rental on an hourly basis with a three-hour minimum is $80 per hour, $100 per hour Saturday-Sunday. Complimentary items included with booking are a flipchart, markers, projector, one wired or one hands-free microphone, hot and cold water dispensers and Wi-Fi.

Many companies and organizations have regularly scheduled events for their employees or customers. Some just have an occasional need for this type of space. The BigFatPurse classroom is available year-round for booking as needed. For details, visit www.bigfatpurse.com/training-room-rental/

The classroom is kept in ready-to-use condition to fill the needs of the parent company; so, when available, it can be booked on short notice.In addition to the time spent educating retail investor how to invest in the stock market systemically, BigFatPurse Pte Ltd also dedicates considerable time and effort to pro bono talks and workshops for the public and corporations. The company feels a social responsibility to raise financial literacy among the working class.

The flagship course is the Value Investing Mastery Course which teaches how to value stocks using the BigFatPurse proprietary method. It is a content packed one-day course dealing with CNAV strategy that can be used immediately after finishing the course. The course will reveal how a company can be evaluated in only 15 minutes using pure, hard facts and figures that have already been reported and audited. Other popular courses are the Financial Statement Analysis Course and Multiple Streams of Income for Retirees.

For more information on classroom rental information, go to http://www.bigfatpurse.com/training-room-rental/