FLORIDA — Not choosing the right SIP provider could mean disaster for a company that deals with telecommunications on a daily basis. With most traditional service providers, there is a lot of confusion, frustration and disappointment involved. Not using the right systems in place can further aggravate the problem causing huge losses. And, when these services come with a huge price tag, it is only a matter of time before companies realize what they are missing.

AOT Telecom brings to customers some of the best features in high quality sip voip provider services. The company has help set up systems offering T1s to Fiber, SIP Trunking and other Dialer Services for large corporates and businesses. The company is a strong force in the telecommunications industry as it brings the latest technology and knowledge to the table.

And, more than these features, what matters the most in terms of return is the value for money one gets when they hire an SIP provider. The rates are out of this world and more so in the case of wholesale orders. AOT Telecom is known as the best SIP provider and for a good reason and that is making custom built dialers available for $1000 at http://sipforcallcenters.com/custom-built-dialers.html . It is not just that; FLAT RATES FOR DIALERS BELOW .01 PER MINUTE as a Special Offer at http://sipforcallcenters.com/newflatratesfordialers.html

The services are especially beneficial for call centers and wholesale dialers. That is because by using the services of this company; they can easily save up to 40%-60% of the total cost they would spend if they choose to take the traditional route.

About Us:

AOT Telecom, has forged relationships with over 60 core Voice & Internet Service Providers and including Resellers and Regional providers our total is over 200 carriers. The idea is to make services available to a wider market consisting of customers who are looking for a price benefit.

With the company and its systems at work, there is no learning curve whatsoever. It is smooth, bump free and highly productive right from the time, the services are hired and set up. The right SIP provider can make any business grow and prosper. To know more, log onto the company’s website at http://sipforcallcenters.com/

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