Link building is a proven effective and powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy that most webmasters adopt for improving the web presence of their websites. There are some golden rules for building links that are briefly discussed here. To start with, make a note that quality rules over every other determinant of SERP improvement and the quality of links is something you should put emphasis on from the very first day of starting a web marketing campaign for your website. Do not just rely on automated link building and link exchange strategies as this basically leads to nowhere. There are instances where the websites that had linked to one or several low-quality websites faced penalties and severe downfall in SERP rankings. To prevent these issues, you have to educate yourself before you buy links from any source. Gamit is an SEO firm that prioritizes quality of links and you can visit Gamit LinkedIn profile to read insightful reports on how quality link building has helped in improving SERP of many websites.


The right balance between quality and quantity

Just because quality of links is important, it does not imply that you do not have to think about quantity. To attain top positions in search engine results, you need to buy quality links in bulk or else, build links manually. Building links manually is a time and labour intensive process and can indirectly affect your organization’s efficiency in handling core processes. Outsourcing the link building part to a trusted SEO firm is a great idea, provided the company you are choosing meets the following criteria that are basically the basic rules for link build-up.


Six Golden Rules

1.            Links from authority/trusted websites: Search engines like Google index websites based on several metrics. However, authority and trust are two prime determinants of search engine ranking of websites. If you are buying links for your website, make sure that the links are from trusted and authority sites only.

2.            Popularity: Links from highly popular sites like can boost u your website’s rankings.

3.            Context: The linked page content should be relevant to the page content of your website.

4.            Link anchor: the text within the link should provide a clear indication of what the site/page is all about.

5.            Good link neighbourhood: A link neighbourhood is basically a constellation of websites interlinked with each other. If the website with which you are building links belongs to a ‘bad’ neighbourhood (a group of interlinked spam websites) it will produce zero (and even negative) results.

6.            Link nature: The link should be written in a search-engine friendly language so that search site automated programs like Google Bot can ‘crawl’ the related page and the website easily.


Proven effective link building strategies

Search engine marketing and optimization companies such as Gamit derive substantial amount of inbound links through a wide range of strategies and tactics. These companies use social media extensively, get links from high-quality, popular and relevant blogs and directories and offer low-budget packages to the website owners. Visit Gamit LinkedIn profile to know more about their link-building tactics and success stories.


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