Gurgaon, Delhi; 26, May 2017: The world has come a long way since architects and civil engineers made the most of design aesthetics for constructing safe and comfortable workplaces as well as homes. Building office complexes and residential units keeping ergonomic, environmental protection, and changing climatic patterns in mind is the current trend predominating in civil engineering and architectural areas. India as the fastest and one of the largest economies in the world has been effectively able to implement the developments trending in construction sector evident by the proliferation of ergonomically designed structures. SK Interior, a leading interior company in Delhi focuses on completing interior decoration, civil construction, structural renovation, and plumbing projects geared towards bettering lifestyles of individuals.

SK Interior is one of the prime interior designers in delhi that was incorporated with the mission and vision of drawing blueprints for modern-day offices, corporate towers, plazas, and plush homes. At the same, the interior decoration and architectural firm has also strived to lend a concrete shape to the blueprints that were created on the drawing board exactly as per the specifications of its clients. Over the years, SK Interior has garnered extensive experience in successfully completing various interior decoration, civil construction, plumbing, and structural refurbishment assignments both turnkey and customized.

This interior designing firm in Delhi has been able to achieve a high level of professionalism in every project it has handled so far. And the fact that clients keep on assigning new projects to the company is proof that it has been able to cement its goodwill. SK Interior has experienced and skilled design as well as technical professionals who are capable of outlaying the plan for suspended ceilings both concealed grids and exposed. The design and technical teams create soundproof and fireproof curtained partitions in solid panels, partially glazed and completely glazed systems. The curtain walling systems are planned keeping fire safety and building regulations in mind.

The interior design company in delhi also accepts flooring jobs from individual as well as institutional clients. SK Interior has the experience and know-how of laying carpeted tiled floors, vinyl floors, and wooden tiles floors. The company takes up lighting assignments and projects both big and small for thoroughly illuminating any indoor or outdoor environment. This interior designing company located in Gurgaon is adept in designing premises of commercial office complexes and buildings starting from space planning to desking solutions that are in tandem with the client’s immediate work environment. The interior decoration outfit is also in a position to provide ergonomic seating solutions that’ll enable employees to offer their best without jeopardizing their health. SK Interior is also in HVAC, air conditioning and plumbing as well as creating kitchen units, installing electrical wiring or refurbishing the existing layout.

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S.K.Interior is an interior decoration and architectural outfit situated in Gurgaon and has the professional expertise to take up any kind of civil construction, plumbing and interior decoration job.

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