The search for reliable luxury transportation services can take away your peace of mind. But, if you find numerous agencies offering what you are searching under one roof, then your worries are reduced to a great extent. SLA is one such association of luxury transport operators. Its website offers contacts of various transport companies who provide party buses, limousines, chartered yachts, cruise ships, sail boats, helicopters and private jets. The luxury transportation association website needs you to register as a customer or as a service provider. Once you have registered you can access their directory listings to get more information about the areas where you can get luxury transport service and connect accordingly. And SLA can offer you luxury vehicles anywhere in USA, in any state, on land, water and air.


You will be amazed at the new acquisitions that you can rent through SLA: a 14 passenger Wedding Limousine, a 19 passenger Super Stretch SUV Limo and a 55 ft Luxury Charter Boat accommodating 49 passengers. You can rent charter yachts, stretch limousines, private planes and helicopters and organize your events in any way you please. Furthermore, SLA provides clients with many more party-related services, quality food and flower catering, photography services, videography, wedding services of all sorts, ticket services for events, entertainment hire for parties, concerts, anniversaries and every event you have in mind. There is a myriad of professional people waiting to be at your service through the Starlight Luxury Transport Association: bands, singers, musicians, dancers, actors, models and comedians. There is no Talent that you cannot find in the listings at StarBook, a branch of Starlight which is focused on recruiting Entertainment for weddings, state fairs, county fairs, local festivals, concerts, corporate parties, proms, cruise ships, fashion events. Furthermore, Starlight provides clients with the opportunity to leave party planning to someone else and entrust their worries to other party-related services; they provide quality food and flower catering, photography services, videography, wedding services of all sorts, ticket services for events, entertainment hire for parties, concerts, anniversaries and every event you have in mind.


This luxury transportation association is used by companies to advertise their local services, which makes things very easy for local events to be supplied with the needed luxury vehicles. Wherever in USA you require luxury transport service for your business or for leisure, you will find a company ready to offer its fleet. Not always is your requirement limited to surface transport, you may need air or water transportation too. SLA has all leading companies registered as their partners, ready with the best solutions. So, when you hire a party bus or a stretch limousine for a birthday party, bachelorette party, prom night or wedding, you are assured of dependable and safe mode of transport.


Each and every vehicle is managed and driven by well trained and background checked crew. When you hire luxury transport from SLA you get the best service as all registered companies are well qualified in their respective areas of operation. All vehicles have comfortable interiors with plush seats and modern entertainment facilities on board. Especially party buses and limousines which are used by for recreational functions have special lighting and surround-sound system fitted in. There are some benchmarks which the luxury transportation association adheres to and keeping all vehicles in excellent condition is one of them.


When you think of luxury transport, private jets and helicopters are most commonly used for fast travel while yachts remind you of luxury on the sea. If you have to cover a long distance in a short span of time, air travel is most convenient. Dignitaries, artists and celebrities prefer personal aircrafts as a safe and secured way of transit. Sometimes you may need the service to mitigate an emergency, when saving time is of prime importance. At such times luxury transportation association registered members are greatly benefitted as they have a large range of transport operators to choose from. Through SLA you can hire one of the fastest jets with seating arrangement for about 8 people.


When you become a member of SLA you get opportunity to advertise your company’s services at very nominal rates. Discounts are offered for annual membership schemes and you get the benefit of 24-hours call centre facility, putting you close to customers round the clock. Along with luxury transportation association, SLA operates a website for entertainers of local or national repute to register themselves. Since many celebrities and star artists use luxury transport services the network grows strong with their references. Artists and entertainers from various fields can advertise in the official website and gain immense mileage. So, with SLA you are always in an advantageous situation.


SLA allows you to post advertisements at competitive prices. A luxury transportation association provides you exclusive modes of transport for special occasions.