The United States of America, June 24, 2014: Sleep is an essential need of both humans and animals. It refreshes the mind and has significant impact on daily activity and performance of a person. However, the best effect of sleeping can be enjoyed only when the sleeping aids are good enough to facilitate sound sleep. Mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers are the main items needed to sleep comfortably. There are wide varieties of sleep products manufactured by various companies. It is important for everyone to buy products that are suitable for their sleeping habits and style. Sleep Mentor is an independent platform that can be significantly helpful in this regards. 

It is an independent platform and does not have any association with any sleep product manufacturer. The reviews and ratings put up at the website are totally based on the experience and feedback of real users. In other words, it is one-stop website to search for the right sleep-aid according to the preference of the potential customer. Sleep Mentor has developed an unbiased research and testing methodology in order to provide reviews that enable users deeply understand the quality of sleep-products. 

The research of sleep Mentor is based on experience of more than 5,400 real users as well as the experts at the company. It collects reviews by real customers through hundreds of website but excluding promotional reviews and websites. Reliability and credibility of reviews is determined on the basis of ownership and period of use of the product that is reviewed. The product experts of the online service provider analyse the collected data and rate it with several crucial characteristics. The overall rating is then calculated. It is notable that each characteristic carries different weight, which is ultimately helpful in rating products accurately. 

Mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows play different role during one’s sleep. That is why products are reviewed classified under the 3 headings. Besides, it makes searching convenient for Sleep Mentor visitors. Each category of sleep products has different set of factors, based on which a product is scored. For instance, the range of factors for mattress toppers include heat retention ability, initial odour, durability, pain relief potential, comfort, etc. In addition to reviews and ratings, Sleep Mentor provides useful advice in improvement of sleep, bedbugs and dust mite treatment and right time for changing a sleep product. There are several advisory articles that provide bring to fore considerable information about various issues. 

About Sleep Mentor: 


Sleep Mentor is a website that provides unbiased reviews on mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows. It has a well-defined research and testing methodology, which considers customers’ reviews as well as experts’ analyses. In order to eliminate scope for biasing, Sleep Mentor does not accept any compensation from any company.