SM Remarketing is announcing a service that allows customers to buy Instagram likes for the photos posted on their Instagram accounts. Instagram is quickly turning into one of the most popular social media websites on the web. The ability to quickly post new, clear and attractive photos for an audience of millions of people has made Instagram one of the new social media outlets for individuals, groups and businesses to increase their own popularity and brand identification.

There have been studies showing the unique nature of posting “likes” to photos on Instagram. These studies show that people are more likely to “like” a photo if there are already plenty of “likes” present. This “Catch-22” situation has made it difficult for many businesses, groups and individuals to build up a significant presence on Instagram because of this reticence among Instagram viewers. However, SM Remarketing offers a solution by having Instagram “like” packages available.

There are current three packages being offered that contain Instagram likes , they are as follows;

- Like It: 5,000 Likes for $19.95
- Love It: 10,000 Likes for $29.95
- I Need It: 20,000 Likes for $34.95

Each of these packages has a three, four and five day turnaround respectively and the precise numbers can be customized as well. Furthermore, all of these packages come with a full money-back guarantee. Purchasing Instagram followers has many marketing benefits which can expand the audience of a business, group or individual. For more information about how to buy likes on Instagram , visit SM Remarketing.

Seamus Smith
SM Remarketing
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
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