SM Swag is now offering a service that provides Twitter retweets for online businesses. A retweet is the mass marketing of a single tweet or message from a Twitter account. The retweets are sent to thousands of different accounts, bolstering the effectiveness of reaching new Twitter account members.

For online businesses with little in the way of followers, retweets to many different accounts has its advantages. Retweets reach new accounts that otherwise might never be seen by the online business. Plus, retweets can carry important information that may entice the account holder to follow that particular Twitter account. And, they are fairly inexpensive in terms of marketing.

SM Swag offers four different packages of Twitter retweets, each designed to reach a different number of accounts.

- Be Heard: 2,000 retweets for $19.95
- Popular: 4,000 retweets for $24.95
- Famous: 8,000 retweets for $34.95
- Ultimate: 10,000 retweets for $39.95

Each of these packages are guaranteed to be delivered in three, four, five or seven business days or less respectively. Plus, they are safe and effective in promoting an online business. There are also larger packages available and each of these packages can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of the customer.  In this manner, Twitter retweets can greatly expand the reach of an online business for relatively little in the way of investment.

For more information about the different Twitter retweet packages and how to buy Twitter retweets , visit SM Swag.

Steve Donahue
SM Swag
Newport Beach, CA, USA
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