By popular demand, Small Biz Makeover is now expanding their web design products to include digital marketing services. Their new efforts include a focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a major component of successful marketing in the digital era.

This evolution in the company’s website design services emerged to meet a rising demand for digital marketing in the small business sector. After months of thorough training, testing, successful case studies, and market analysis, these services are quickly emerging as an effective solution for businesses seeking increased visibility for their web-based content.

Targeted at improving the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search-ability of businesses, this SEO service is designed to improve the ranking position of client pages in search results, expand presence across online directories, build customer relationships, secure website data, and garner relevant traffic for client websites.

Combined with their original design and web development services, this program ensures that businesses working with Small Biz Makeover are not only online, but thriving with a strong online strategy. They’ve already received positive feedback from test subjects, and they’ve developed a flexible plan to boost results for a wide range of industries.

With over 91% of searchers never looking past page 1 of search engine results to find the goods and services they need, SEO has become a more critical part of digital marketing than ever. Through the enduring work of Small Biz Makeovers’ leadership team, its latest package provides new and existing customers with a faster return on their web design investment and a comprehensive plan for long-term profitability.

The owner, Jake, says of this new service, “SEO is an ongoing battle. It's not something you can set-and-forget. Many of your competitors are investing in SEO efforts for their sites because they understand how important it is to improve their Google rank. There's gold at the end of the rainbow....”

The ongoing monthly service takes hundreds of SEO ranking factors into account, accelerating traffic and sales through: custom-built and service-specific content, mobile-responsive design, optimized web coding, ongoing content development (including video, blogs, and social media), and link-building strategies.

Business owners seeking a more profitable website, or anyone seeking a partnership with results-driven online marketing experts can contact the Small Biz Makeover team to discuss their personalized SEO strategy.

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Small Biz Makeover is a full-service online marketing company located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Its goal is targeted to generating profits for growth-driven companies.

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