Internet marketing requires people to come to a website.  This much is common sense with anyone who is trying to start or maintain a business.  Searching through small business marketing ideas can help a business owner find certain products that will assist with day to day operations.

“Most people are trying to market, brand and maintain their e-business as best as possible.  The changing face of SEO and search engines means more people have to be actively branding themselves with social media, commentary and the like.  They cannot sit back and idly wait for business to arrive,” said Sandy McQueen of

The answer is an extra ARM.  By ARM, an article marketing robot.

Instead of manually submitting article content, the ARM does most of the work for the business, freeing the owner to do other tasks like concentrate on the business.

The tools automation means getting into directories and blogs without intervention.  Another feature is that it creates backlinks and there are other tools for a higher SEO rank.

“The best of the best in the ARM are the various tools that help with the article creation process.  LiveLink Reporting, scheduling, pings and more are what works best for customers and owners.  All of this is done without any intervention from the business owner,” said McQueen.

This is a perfect solution for anyone looking to market a small business in a small niche.  Other details and reviews can be found here and here .

Anyone interested in learning more about small business marketing ideas or home-based business opportunities should visit to learn more about the possibilities.

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