Starting an online business is difficult on today’s web.  Small business marketing ideas is a way to start and a sound strategy for any entrepreneur. Best of all, it does not require an arm and a leg, just an ARM.

“By ARM, I mean Article Marketing Robot,” said Sandy McQueen of

Today’s Internet and SEO has moved beyond simple keywords filled in a webpage.  Today one needs blogs, social media and commentary to be ranked on search engines.  This takes time for the new business owner.  This is where the ARM helps.

“This tool keeps you focused on what is important: Bringing a profit to the business,” said McQueen.

The tool is designed to do all of the hard work like making backlinks, directory submission and more.  All these things rank sites higher on SERPS, search engine results pages.

Many ARMS’ will allow for article submission over time.  This means you can keep having fresh content on your website’s blog and stay current with the changing algorithms of search engines.

“The more you produce and more frequently it is published, the better chance you have of doing well with your business,” said McQueen.

Anyone looking to spin previously written material will find ARM’s handy as well.  Spinning means creating virtually new material from previously published works.

“Again, this keeps content fresh, appealing and ranked highly,” said McQueen.

McQueen has much more to say about ARMs on her website.  Click the link to learn more about small business marketing ideas .  Anyone interested in learning more about home-based business opportunities should visit to learn more about the possibilities.

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