DataSprint provides smart data capture services from documents, books, newspapers and websites.

DataSprint, a new company on the IT tech scene provides advanced data extraction and data capture services using smart algorithms. For the same tasks where hundreds of people were needed in order to extract data manually, the company uses advanced text mining technology to obtain that information.

The services include data extraction, web scraping, manual data entry for the situations where manual input is needed and OCR services for Optical Character Recognition of books, documents and newspapers. These services are offered at costs matching just 30% of the average market costs, making them low-cost and highly effective. The company offers free demos and tests with the customer's data. The data is kept secure on the company's servers which are isolated from the Internet and only accesible from within the company. Data security is a crucial part for customers and DataSprint is commited to keeping it's customer data as secure and isolated as possible.

A perfect case study for DataSprint's services would be a project that involved dictionary-style books which had tens of thousands of names of specific companies in them. Using advanced data processing algorithms, DataSprint managed to extract all the names in just a few days without any manual input. The text was interpreted automatically and the software algorithm understood the data just as a person would. The cost savings were very important to the project's success.

DataSprint's services are available to customers all around the world in the US, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Any company that works with large amounts of data can be a potential candidate for these services. Offering more than 20 file formats and custom, built-to-order web platforms for consulting that data, DataSprint wants to bring the best services to it's customers in this field. Projects can be executed remotely or on-site at the customer's location, depending on their needs and location.

Data can be extracted from Invoices, Accounting documents, Patient Records, Contracts, Decisions, Laws and Dictionaries. Along with these, data can be extracted from any website, e-commerce store or news site. Inquires can be made with a simple e-mail to the company's main e-mail address and test projects can be setup within a day if the customer can provide sample data.  Companies can also outsource their business processes that involve data capture on a regular basis with DataSprint. 24/7 Support and customized services offer customers the best outsourcing experience.

Media Contact:
Gabi-Dan Alpian,
[email protected]
Cluj, Romania.