With UV rays being at their strongest during May through to August, it is important to protect your eyes against the sun by wearing a high quality pair of sunglasses.

June 27, 2016 — we are well and truly in the thick of summer now, and even when it is cloudy the sun’s rays are at their most damaging at this time of year.  Do not be fooled into thinking that cloud cover will protect your eyes.  UV rays penetrate through clouds, and it is important to protect both your skin and eyes when outside, particularly in the summer months.

It is the extreme, but eyes can be permanently damaged by constant overexposure to the sun.    Damage is irreversible and can lead to conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration to vision loss.

‘It is great to see people getting outside and making the most of the weather when they can, but UV damage is no laughing matter.’ Says Nigel Piper of SmartChoice Fitness, ‘Our sunglasses are perfect to wear throughout the summer, they provide affordable UV 400 wrap around protection.  Both the frames and lenses are made from polycarbonate plastic making them lightweight, durable and impact resistant.  With their stylish look making them suitable for both men and women, they are the ideal choice for everyone this summer!’

The sunglasses come in three colors, Black, Multi and White, and are sold on the Amazon platform.

Black               White                   Multi

James bought a pair for his son and stated… ‘The glasses (in my son’s words) are mint and very cool and the best eva!.......Overall, they are very well made, look amazing, are a very nice colour, very lightweight, are comfy to wear and work amazingly well.’

‘They look very stylish. A great price for a pair of sunglasses.’ commented customer Anita,

Now available in both America and the UK, SmartChoice Fitness currently have a deal whereby you get 10% off a second pair of White or Multi when purchasing a Black pair.

Please click here to visit their US Amazon store and view these deals and more. Please click here to visit their UK store.

For further information on UV protection, please visit SmartChoice’s website at http://www.smartchoicefitness.com/uv-protection.html

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