Smita Bansal on Life OK’s new show ‘ZindagiAbhiBaki Hai Mere Ghost’

The upcoming show on Life OK, 'ZindagiAbhiBaaki Hai Mere Ghost' is all set to launch soon. Smita Bansal who is known for her strong emotional character in BalikaVadhu will be seen in a new avatar where she will be a ghost mother in a horror comedy genre. The show is a sitcom with a twist of comedy set in the backdrop of Goa. A young and poor fisherman Yug played by the protaginistDhruv Raj Sharma, who has been an orphan since his birth, yearns for a family and in that eagerness stays in a haunted house befreinding some ghosts. Smitabansal will play an improtant character in the show and will show her new side to the audience.

Don’t miss 'ZindagiAbhiBaaki Hai Mere Ghost' coming soon on Life OK.

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