eCig Vision founder, Laura Brandel, has recently published her comprehensive SmokeTip reviews on the electronic cigarette company. SmokeTip electronic cigarette is based out of the United States with the majority of its sales coming through its main webpage.

The Smoketip electronic cigarette review goes over their merchandise which consist of both rechargeable & disposable electronic cigarette devices, refill cartridges, e-cigarette starter kits, and charging devices. SmokeTip markets a single electronic cigarette starter kit for $59.95, which includes: 2x rechargeable lithium batteries, 5x flavor cartridges, 1x wall adapter, 1x USB charger, 1x gift box packaging. The cartridges included in this sub-$60 starter kit can be tailored to the buyer’s personal tastes. Buyers can choose from 21 e-cigarette flavors that range from traditional menthol and tobacco to less orthodox, watermelon and peppermint. Whatever a buyer picks, Brandel mentions they are unlikely to be disappointed.

SmokeTip electronic cigarette cartridges are also available with varying amount of nicotine strength. Four nicotine strengths to be exact include: full flavor, light, ultra light and no nicotine. Amounts of nicotine in these are 16mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg, respectively. The gift box packaging that houses everything in SmokeTip’s electronic cigarette starter, is a matte black color with all of its accessories organized into neat compartments. SmokeTip’s electronic cigarette’s battery is similar to many others on the market exhibiting fine rings encircling its white body. Cartridge flavors are immediately distinguishable from one another as they all have different solid colors. Also included in this starter is a USB and Wall adapter which both work utilizing a screw-in mechanism.

The assembled SmokeTip electronic cigarette is a premium-feeling product that is unlikely to disappoint its buyers. To reassure buyers, SmokeTip offers a 100% lifetime warranty on all of their products. It seems as though SmokeTip is making aggressive marketing moves towards establishing itself as one of the major electronic cigarette companies.

Primary contributing eCig Vision writer, Laura Brandel encourages users to contact her directly if their own experiences with SmokeTip deviate from what’s mentioned in her Smoketip Electronic Cigarette reviews visit for more information.

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