For most people, glass is a fairly ordinary item — we see glass every day and in many items — kitchen utensils and showpieces and so on. But glass is actually much more than that. Glass can be made in crystals or it can be cut to create Belgian cut glass items and so on. And of course, high tech glass is used extensively in scientific experiments. If you are in the habit of smoking, you may even want to use dab rigs. Once you get used to wax dab rigs, you don’t look for any other dab rigs to be honest. The quality of the vapor is so good that you get the best experience of smoking.


You must have seen those bottles of carbonated drinks — Coca Cola and Sprite and so on. But how about using one as your smoking pot? High tech glass smoking vapes are designed in multiple ways and some of the most attractive ones are those that resemble the bottles of Sprite or a nasal drop or some other common glass products that we tend to find around us all the time. It is funny when you buy these products. Even if you are not a smoker, you can use these items as showpieces too. No one will come to know the exact purpose of the vape or the rig if you don’t tell them. And if you have a group of smoking friends, you can really delight them when you tell them the exact purpose of the glass piece.


High tech glass vapes and rigs are good for you because they tend to last almost permanently. These are as fragile as glass is — that is they will break if you drop them on a hard surface. But other than that, you can safely keep your showpiece for years and it will continue to look like new (with some maintenance) and delight you in many ways.


Dabbing is a process which is somewhat similar to vaping. It is an alternative way of smoking that is considered healthier. If you have used a vape, you should not have issues using a dab rig. It is as effective as a pipe or a bong. Wax dab rigs are those rigs where the concentrated medication used is in the form of wax. There are other dab rigs where oil can be used, but you need to make sure that the oil is concentrated enough.


To use wax dab rigs, you first need to heat up the nail of the dab rig. This can be done with a torch. The torch can be part of the ensemble or you can buy it separately. Once the nail heats up, you put the wax on the nail and inhale the vapor. This process is known as dabbing and there are dabbers that can be used for this purpose. It is important to note that inhaling needs to be done fast because the vapor gets generated immediately.


Enjoy smoking with high tech glass wax dab rigs. It is quite some fun.


If you are thinking of buying wax dab rigs   ensure you buy those that are made of high tech glass .