SmoothRx has announced the launch of their Best Scar Cream and Stretch Mark Removal Cream on The impressive 4oz container of scar cream features all natural ingredients intended to not only get rid of stretch marks and other scars, but also prevent future formation of scars and stretch marks. From orange oil to cocoa butter, the natural ingredients are equally safe and suited for any individual 13+.

Designed to get rid of acne scars and stretch marks, the SmoothRx team found that their Scar Removal Cream is a scar treatment that works on all kinds of scar. On the ingredient label on the back of the SmoothRx scar removal cream, you can expect to find: jojoba oil, mango butter, rose hip seed oil, grapefruit seed extract, orange oil, organic olive oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and shea and cocoa butters. All of these natural ingredients create highly moisturized skin, increasing skin flexibility and the appearance of youth while removing and preventing scars.

Specifically the scar removal cream company claims that their scar removal cream “helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and stretch marks” and that the scar cream also “works on old and new scars due to surgery, pregnancy, burns, keloid, acne, spider veins, and many more...” SmoothRx stresses that their scar removal cream is intended for topical use only and that oral use has not been tested; therefore, the outcome of such improper behavior is unknown. Nonetheless, countless incredible reviews promoting life changing results have been submitted on

The product is suited as a gift for men or women that have acquired stretch marks or ance scars over the years. Shipping in a 4.8 ounce package, SmoothRx’s Scar Removal Cream is available now on It can be purchased for $19.99 per container, with free shipping on any order over $49.

Customers can now take advantage of purchasing via a secure shopping cart, 1-Click ordering, user reviews, and a Wish List. Customers will receive a refund if not completely satisfied.

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