(Free Press Release) We sell automotive window tint films, home tints and decorative films from reputed manufacturers, which make films of unmatched quality. We provide tint films from reputed manufacturers like Solar guard, Sun Tek and Global Window films. They are top-tier manufacturers who sell top-quality products and we hand pick each and every product with great care.

We provide window films that are cut to the exact measurement of your need. You can easily install them in your car and your house. SnapTint boasts of a window library of thousands of US automotive makes and every possible model. We provide automotive window tint kits according to the vehicle year, make and model. Emphasis is also laid on the type of window film. Window films are provided according to the shape of the window and darkness of the tint preferred is taken into consideration.

For home tints, you need not worry about the pricing as our charges start at $2.15 per square foot and we customize to your exact window sizes and shapes so you can easily install it yourself. By doing it yourself with this top notch pre-cut tint kits, you save a lot on installations. Moreover home owners can save up to $1500 on the window films as a result of Federal tax credits which enables home-owners savings up to 30% on installing the window films.

As far as car window tinting prices are concerned a car tint shop will charge you anything between $200 to $350, and by installing SnapTint kits our consumers can save at least $100 or more.

Our auto tinting prices start from $24.95 for front windows only to $74.95 for complete tint kits which further depends on the car make, model and the film type you choose. You can easily buy our automotive window tint at reasonable prices. The quality of the window film is unmatched yet the prices are affordable.
For further information you can visit www.snaptint.com.