Social Media Luv is announcing a service designed to bolster Facebook likes for small business accounts. Facebook is the most popular social media website and businesses that do well on Facebook tend to build up a large base of potential customers. Facebook is generally regarded as one of the most important places to establish business brand and market new products and services.

One of the many conundrums facing businesses that try to develop “likes” on Facebook are studies that show a reluctance of people to “like” a particular post, video or image without plenty of “likes” already present. Essentially, this means that in order for a post to get “likes”, it already has to have plenty of “likes” in the first place. Overcoming this conundrum generally requires outside resources that many small businesses do not have. Therefore when a user decides to buy Facebook fans cheap , essentially they are growing their business/brand.

Social Media Luv however, provides an alternative with low cost packages of Facebook “likes” that can be purchased to fit the needs of the business. This particular service comes in three different packages and can be customized to fit the needs of the buyer.

- I Like It: 1,500 likes for $14.95
- I Really Like It: 6,000 likes for $39.95
- I Love It: 9,000 likes for $59.95

Each package is delivered in two, five or eight business days respectively and is backed by 100% guarantee or your money back. For small businesses looking to expand their business brand on Facebook, Social Media Luv presents a welcome alternative. For more information, visit

Seamus Smith
Social Media Luv
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
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