A new service from Social Media Luv allows customers to buy cheap Facebook likes for their posts. Buying Facebook likes is a way to expand the reach of online businesses to seek out new customers for their services. With social media websites such as Facebook reaching hundreds of millions of people, purchasing Facebook likes is a way to help expand the ability of businesses to reach new customers.

One of the main issues facing small business is the inability to build up a fan base on social media sites such as Facebook. Studies have shown that a large section of people do not “like” a Facebook post unless they see others who have “liked” it as well. This “Catch-22” situation means that without outside assistance, it is very difficult to build up a natural base of customers on Facebook.

However, purchasing “likes” can jump start a post and encourage more people to “like” it in response. In this manner, an online business can expand their customer base more rapidly. Social Media Luv offers three different packages of Facebook likes for their customers.

- I Like It! 1,500 Likes for $19.95
- I Really Like It! 6,000 Likes for $39.95
- I Love It! 9,000 Likes for $59.95

The “likes” will be delivered in two, five and eight days respectively and come with a money back guarantee. By utilizing the services of Social Media Luv, online businesses can jump start their efforts on Facebook for very little money. Visit Social Media Luv for more information.

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