Social Media Swag is a website dedicated to helping businesses and individuals find inexpensive ways to promote their works on social media sites. The immense popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr and many more have subscribers that number well over a billion in total. Social Media Sway offers services that can help business and individuals expand their works on these sites to reach new potential customers as well as a social media blog that updates its visitors with up to date social media news.

One of the biggest hurdles for small businesses that try to reach new customers through social media sites is overcoming the conundrum of acquiring “ Facebook likes ”, “followers” or “views” to a particular post or account. Studies show that quite a handful of people are less likely to follow, view or “like” a business social media account unless there are already a considerable number of “likes”, “followers” or “views” present. This “Catch-22” situation can make it very difficult for small businesses to build up a following on social media centers.

However, Social Media Swag offers packages of “likes, “followers” and “views” as a means to help businesses and individuals promote their posts on social media sites. These packages can jump start a social media account, video or post, raising its presence and reaching more potential customers. Such packages can be customized to the exact number of “followers”, “likes” and views and feature a full money back guarantee if not satisfied with the results. For more information about the different types of packages offered by Social Media Swag, visit

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