Phone or computer apps are typically designed to perform a single function. But, this does not hold good for this latest app on the block, the jixxeo. This is an app that does the function of 3 apps. Basically, it is that all in one app that multitasks for the user and gives him/her the chance to enjoy a better social networking experience.

The app will be launched on the latest social networking platform on 31st July 2014. Preceding the launch, the app will be available in Google Play and Apple App store. The hype surrounding the app has lived up to grand expectations as many claim it is the right mix between some of the most popular social networking and shopping sensations on the internet.

Twitter, Kickstarter , and ReverbNation, each of these is known for their significant role in helping the online customer/communicator change the way he perceives the social world for good. And, this new app, jixxeo is destined to combine the best features of each of these platforms and give the end user a unique mix.

So, with the app one will be able to socialize shop and save all at the same time. Considering how so many people spend a lot of time on the internet either shopping or socializing, the app helps customers save time and also take their chance on some amazing discounts while growing their social circle. The best thing about using the app on the website is that when the member logs in, he or she does not have to furnish any password. So, there is absolutely no question of losing a password, forgetting it so and so forth.

The website is a great way to start networking without having to go through the regular protocol. There are no boundaries, no commitments and absolutely no reason to think twice. Jixxeo is just the perfect communication and saving tool that every customer needs to have. It is what makes social networking more fun and functional.

Instead of spending mindless hours getting nothing from the experience, now one can expect to have a lot more in return for the time and effort spent. It is therefore, an app on a mission to make social networking worthy. To know more log onto

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