USA — Social media networks have become very popular in modern times as they allow people to freely interact with each other without any barriers. Usually individuals discuss, share and exchange information related to their lives through Internet sites by using videos, audios, pictures and words. At social media sites, groups can engage in personal as well as educative or informative conversation and can develop collective intelligence.

A new website/app named Jixxeo is going to be launched on July 31,2014 with all the fun-filled features of a social network. This new and innovative socializing platform will be available to users via Apple App Store and Google Play from July 2014.

The major advantage of this new social network Jixxeo is that it is a combined form of Kickstarter, Tumblr, Twitter, Wanelo, Myspace, ReverbNation, Indiegogo and Pheed. Users can simply shop in an easy manner, save and socialize through this website. All the features of this website/app can be enjoyed by completing the process of signing up with

Jixxeo is said to have been developed with the purpose of fulfilling the requirements and needs of all kinds of users. Keeping diverse customers under one single platform appears to be the main focus of Jixxeo as it is a mix of almost all social media networks.

Applications created by users can be added to, for which the advantages of the existing user base can be utilized. Developers will host the application, and therefore they will be controlling the entire server applications. Users can also create their unique personal profiles in Jixxeo for the purpose of finding and communicating with new or old friends.

Viewers can collect more information on this new and useful social network via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Like other online interactive social media websites, Jixxeo also aims to hold an important place in the daily lives of people from all over the world, with its unique features.

Jixxeo is said to be designed keeping in mind the requirements of every single online member. Through Jixxeo website/app, friends can meet and talk online with others, singles can meet with other singles, matchmakers can connect with their friends, and families can stay connected all the time. Small and medium businesses owners will get a highly reliable opportunity to promote their business via

In addition, a number of producers, artists and musicians can also benefit from the services offered by this new social media network. The influence of websites, especially social media sites, has reached virtually everywhere and now people cannot imagine a life without these platforms.

Users can post or send their comments, reviews, queries, suggestions and opinions about this new website/app Jixxeo through the contact page of The developers promise to accept, clarify and consider the valuable suggestions and queries of users for improving the features of this new social media network.

The majority of interactive websites appear in the forms of blogs, scrapbooking, image/video sharing, wikis, social networks, writing communities and so on. However, Jixxeo is a mix of different types of online sources, and therefore it can cater to the specific requirements of users more successfully through effective solutions.

The complete information about the launch and activities of can be collected from the YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages of Jixxeo. New viewers and prospective users will gain an insight into the service offerings of this website/app with the help of those sources.

Shop, socialize and save, together with experiencing fun and excitement, through the facilities at To get more information about Jixxeo, visit , , and

About Jixxeo

Jixxeo is a new social networking service provider that offers its members a platform to connect, communicate and share information, images and videos with others. The website/app is a blend of ReverbNation, Twitter, Kickstarter and so on.

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