Reno, NV - An exceptional opportunity for investors lies underground in northwest Nevada.

It is a huge deposit of sodium bentonite, a naturally occurring clay that has a multitude of uses, including:

- Foundry castings
- Drilling fluids
- Metallic ore pelletizing
- Hazardous waste containment
- Adhesives
- Cosmetics
- Pesticides
- agricultural

In addition, sodium bentonite enables oil and gas drilling without introducing chemical additives into the environment. Given that thousands of new oil and gas wells are scheduled to be drilled annually for the next 15-40 years, and the market for sodium bentonite in the US is currently more than 4.5 million or tons per year.

Nevada Mining Milling & Manufacturing, Inc. (Nv3M), a corporation formed in 2013, has plans to tap into this huge market. “We conservatively estimate we will almost immediately capture 10 percent of this market and anticipate our production to be in the range of 450,000 tons annually by the fourth year of operation,” said Carolyn Kramer, Senior Vice President of Operations for Nv3M.

“The increased emphasis in the US to become independent from foreign oil supply has opened a new and substantial market for sodium bentonite.”

According to Kramer, their claims area in northwest Nevada contains an extractable reserve of at least 34 million tons of sodium bentonite, with another 70 million tons likely to be available. “This is a tremendous opportunity,” she said, “but it will also require a sizeable investment.”

Nv3M is seeking $1 million in equity funding in exchange for common stock at $0.11 per share.

“These funds will be used to complete our National Instrument 43-101, initial exploration and take us to an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange,” explained Kramer. “This capital will also enable us to purchase 27 acres with utilities and Highway 50 frontage strategically situated to become a staging area and the new entrance to the mine.”

In addition to selling shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Nv3M is encouraging donations through its crowdfunding site on Indiegogo. The site can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome and will be exchanged for common stock at $0.11 per share. For $1,000, backers will also receive a certificate of recognition for contributing to Nv3M and helping protect the environment.

Kramer points out that “sodium bentonite, used in its natural state, is not harmful to the environment, humans, plants or animals. Thus its potential usage to protect the environment makes it a timely and appropriate product for exploitation.”

For further information about sodium bentonite and this unique investment opportunity, visit or the Nv3Mbsite,

Kramer can be reached directly at [email protected]

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