Work in the kitchen involves a lot of cutting and chopping, baking, cooking and frying. All these activities leave their mark on your kitchen over time and it takes real effort to clean and maintain the area. If your gas oven is placed on a platform which is uneven and rough, it will attract dirt quickly which will be difficult to clean. The constant use of water makes the worktop surface prone to mould and fungus. Solid surface worktops however help to keep your kitchen dirt free. A perfect example is Silestone worktops consisting of more than 90% quartz and balance polymer resin. Combination of both natural and artificial material makes these synthetic worktops ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.


Silestone worktops have the aesthetic appeal of natural granite while the polymer provides a consistent surface without any pores. This uniformity is perfect for places which are more exposed to water. Polymer resin allows elements like mirror flecks, bits like natural stone to be added to give the solid surface worktops a natural look. These are available in finishes such as polished and suede. Some are in solid colours while others have speckled appearance. You can create a naturally sophisticated or a bright modern look in your kitchen with these beautiful worktops. You can choose from colours like sand yellow, grey (both light or dark), beige, black, white, magenta, red or lime green.


You can introduce solid surface worktops to create a majestic and luxurious look in your kitchen. When renovating your old kitchen, these can breathe in fresh life. And, in new houses Silestone worktops bring in an extra zing to the otherwise boring kitchens. You can use the worktops freely without any tension of damaging, staining or spoiling them. The surface is strong without any visible joints. Solid surface can also be used as bathroom sink tops. When you change bathroom installations you can put new granite or quartz tops to complement them. You can match them with the wall and floor tiles for a more coordinated look.


Companies retailing Silestone worktops also deal in other leading brands of worktops. You can select any material which blends with the rest of your decor. Buying from reputed companies lets you buy at wholesale rates and also avail appealing discounts offered on their website. When you select solid surface worktops you can ask for free samples to verify the actual look and feel of it. You will also get additional and allied service like fitting and installation of your worktop from the same companies.


They even have readymade models of worktops which you can see, touch and feel to assess how they will look in your kitchen. When designing your new house, templates and free samples will be very useful for you to create just the look you want. You can also procure acrylic doors for your kitchen from the same store. With solid surface worktops you can buy stainless steel sinks, which fit in perfectly, directly from the manufacturer. Give your kitchen a seamless look by fashioning complementing materials with Silestone worktops. Get great looking luxury worktops at reasonable rates that turn your kitchen into a safe and hygienic space.

Your family will love Silestone worktops for their lovely designs and colours. You can introduce solid surface worktops   in your existing kitchen and reap the benefits.