FEAOutsourcing.com is engineering analysis center at Hi-Tech Outsourcing an ISO 9001:2008 company. We are happy to announce advanced FEA services using Solidworks 3D software for our overseas clients.

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Get FREE quotes for FEA Modeling, FEA analysis and CFD engineering related needs for Product design optimization, testing and cost reduction in 24 hours!

Domain expertise:
•    FEA Modeling
•    Finite Element analysis
•    FEM simulations
•    Material Modeling (Creep, Deflection, Plasticity)
•    Thermal Analysis (Transient, Conduction, Steady-state)
•    Stress analysis
•    Structural analysis
•    Modal analysis
•    Industrial FEA analysis
•    Buckling analysis
•    Fatigue analysis
•    Linear/Non-Linear analysis
•    Static/Dynamic analysis
•    Product Optimization
•    CFD Analysis
•    Fluid Flow Modelling
•    Solidworks FEA Design
•    Related FEA Modeling support

Advantages with us:
•    Comprehensive Testing and Optimization
•    Client Focus, Commitment & Result-driven approach
•    Less Errors, Minimum Risk & Better utilization of resources
•    Reduce material usage with no compromise on performance

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About company:
FEA Outsourcing is part of Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services - a trusted name in engineering services offering broad range of FEA/CFD/CAE analysis, Thermal, Modal, Structural Stress and Vibration analysis.

Contact Details:
Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services
Hi-Tech House, Near Gurukul Tower
Gurukul, Ahmedabad - 380 052, Gujarat, India