FEAOutsourcing.com now offers Solidworks FEA Stress Analysis for all forms of Stress hand calculations as per ISO, British, ASME and ACSE Standards.

We have handled projects like Automotive, Nuclear Structures, Medical Equipments, Rail Structures, Industrial Components, Aerospace & Aviation Design, Marine Engineering, Mission-Critical systems and many others. Find more information at http://www.feaoutsourcing.com/structural-stress-analysis.php

We offer following Stress Analysis services:
• FEA Stress analysis
• Linear/Non-Linear Stress analysis
• Static/Dynamic Stress analysis
• Pipe Stress analysis
• Pressure vessel stress calculations
• Bending stress calculations
• Welded stress calculations
• Pre-cast Tubing stress analysis
• Plate stress calculation
• Shear stress analysis
• Material Modeling
• Torsional stress calculation
• Fastener stress calculations
• Anchor-Bolt stress analysis
• Beam stress analysis
• Related FEA Analysis support

Our team of Finite element engineers has thorough knowledge and experience in handling Solidworks stress analysis and modeling work to find out the causes and effects of uneven load distribution, which further helps in evaluating structure or assembly‘s response.

Projects include:
• Mechanical Structure stress analysis
• Bolted Joint Assessment
• Welded Joint Assessment
• Design Troubleshooting
• Comply with Industry standards

Our advantages include modern infrastructure, expertise in new product development, strong background in part design and up-to-date product life-cycle knowledge.

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About company:
FEA Outsourcing is part of Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services - a trusted name in engineering services offering broad range of FEA/CFD/CAE analysis, Thermal, Modal, Structural Stress and Vibration analysis.

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