China - When each client of Shenzhen Dicore purchased heat shrink tubing manufactuer and prepare to use these products at work place, they should pay more attention to some attentively points such as cutting length, size of tube and others. Today, professional engineer from Shenzhen Dicore will introduce with people all of these attentively points.

In order to ensure the performance for waterproofing, sealing, insulation and other functions, people need to choose and cut the Heat Shrink Identification Tubing with enough length when they prepare to use the shrink tube. The selection for the size of shrink tube should be reasonable and the size should not be too large or too small or it will affect the effect of this product. The shrink tube with the insufficient length could cause into the failure for waterproofing, sealing and insulation covering.

Secondly, when people heat the double wall heat shrink tubing, they should heat the double wall tube until the hot melt adhesive overflow the tube as this would be very better for waterproof and sealing.

Thirdly, when people are heating the heat shrink tube, the operator needs to seek uniform of the shrinkable force. On the other hand, the heating time should not be long. People should just heat the tube with suitable temperature and time until the tube reach full contraction. The overheating for some parts should be totally avoided and it could help to prevent heat-shrinkable material aging and brittle which will lead to cracks.

On the other hand, in order to keep the better quality of their products, the famous China heat shrinkable tube manufacturer also pay more attention to storage and transportation for their clients¡¯ purchased products. In the process of transportation, the shrinkable materials should avoid the direct sunlight . Furthermore, the temperature of the environment for storage and transportation should be generally not exceed 50 centigrade, which could help to the naturally shrinking of these thermal shrink tubes. For the color of the heat shrink tube and sleeve, all standard colors are normally black and transparent. Other colors should be according to customer needs.

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