China - The FIFA14 is one sort of very classical soccer game around the world. This game is very popular on the PC game platform and now this game has landed on the Android platform. Now, these FIFA 14 lovers should certainly have such problem and particular concern that whether the complicated operation of PC client could be totally and perfectly moved to the Android platform. Today, the specialized editor from the famous fifa 14 ultimate team coins online seller will introduce with people how to better play this game.

When people first enter into the game, there will be a newbie tutorial game mode which the game player need to their favorite football club and then start the game. This game cannot be set by the mind of player¡¯s own. However, this game will teach players the basic operation and skills in this game and let people quickly become familiar with this famous football game. However, this playing process is not enough for the bale player to totally become familiar with this game. But, the following information will help people totally get the basically information about this game.

First, this FIFA 14 game has two controlling modes which the one is the commonly full touch mode on the android platform and the other is the classic virtual keys mode . The choosing for the different model should base on people¡¯s own demand and prefer.

After knowing about the basically controlling mode, people should firstly control the knowledge about the ball passing. For these new touch operation, each player could simple click on the team¡¯s other players to achieve the short ball passing. By the accuracy confirmation of the position of football player could help to produce a very beautiful ball shot opportunities. This is the basically skill that each FIFA 14 game player need to grasp.

The other basically and crucial skill which game player need to grasp is scrimmage. When the opponent player control the ball, the player they can simply click on the opponent players then the players of your team will quickly ran to the opponent player and then get the ball.

In addition to the skills of ball passing and scrimmage, the editor from famous fifa coins people should also control the skills of ball shot and football players moving. The shooting could be regarded as the most exciting action of these gamers. When the virtue players approach to the goal, the operator should slide the screen of the phone and then the player will make a shooting action. The long distance sliding and short distance sliding will affect the long shot and the short shot. However, master the shot timing is more important. The moving is also very crucial in the course of the playing. If the gamer hold any point down the playing ground, the players in the game will sprint.

On the other hand, if people want to get playing experience in the playing process, the FIFA 14 coins could not be ignored. Purchasing some amounts of FIFA 14 coins could help each people get much more exciting experience in the playing process.


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