China - In addition to the resin and plastic raw materials for the food pouch, there are also very necessary for adding many other kinds of addictives. Today, the technician from the famous China food pouch supplier will introduce with people these additives.

Filling Materials

The performance of the filling material can help to improve and reinforce plastics. For example, the adding of the related amount of fiber can improve the mechanical strength of plastic. The adding of the asbestos could reinforce plastic heat resistant performance. The joining of the mica can enhance plastic electrical insulating performance. Furthermore, the graphite, molybdenum disulfide can help to improve the resistance to friction and wear properties of plastics. That should be why these filling materials are very necessary for the production of the stand up pouch and KRAFT PAPER BAG.


The adding of the plasticizer can improve the plasticity and softness ability of the plastic and then reduce the brittleness. The commonly used plasticizers include the phthalic acid, dibutyl phthalate dioctyl, tricresol phosphate ester, camphor, diphenyl ketone and others.


Hardener could be also known as curing agent. Its main role is to make the molecular structure¡¯s linear molecular structure become connecting then make the resin become thermosetting. The commonly used curing agent is six four methylene amine, amine and acid anhydride.


If the raw materials for the foil bag could be added the plastic colorants, it can make this product own the color and luster which people want. The manufacturer often uses a variety of pigment and dying materials as the colorant, sometimes, they also use paints which could produce fluorescence or phosphorescence.


Many STAND UP POUCH, FOIL BAG and related products will appear the conditions of oxidation chain scission and crosslinking in the processing due to heat, light or the role of oxygen. This will makes the material performance go bad. In order to stabilize the quality of plastic products and prolong service life, people should usually add stabilizer in the raw materials of the FOOD POUCH. The commonly used stabilizers have stearic acid salt, white lead, epoxide and others.

After here, each people should have fully knowledge about these additives for the raw materials of the FOOD POUCH, KRAFT PAPER BAG and other related products. If people want to know more information about these products, please visit website


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