USA - The decorative painting for home decoration should be the most popular trend in today¡¯s home ornamental industry. However, it is not all of paintings could be suitable for the home style. There are some inhibition factors for the selection of the home decorative painting such as custom portrait paintings. The painter from website , which is the popular online shop for all kinds of painting, would let people learn these inhibition factors.

The first banning factor for the purchasing of the painting such as pastel portraits should be that the color of the painting should be not too dark or the area of black color on the picture should be not too large. These paintings with the dark color could let people have heavy feeling and would let people have depressed and pessimistic attitude. This would let people be lack of momentum to do things.

The second point is very interesting. The painting such as pet portraits which have been painted with the picture of ferocious beast could not be suitable for people to purchase. Otherwise, the feature of the painting with the ferocious beast would affect the health of people¡¯s family health.

Thirdly, one room of home should not be hung on more than one portrait painting which is one kind of popular home decorative painting. However, the portrait painting would have great influence with people¡¯s mind and emotion. People who want to purchase the portrait painting should pay more attention to this point.

Fourth, the painting which has been painted with the sunset should not watercolor portraits be hung on the wall of people¡¯s family. The reason for this is that this kind of home decorative painting would let people reduce their optimism feeling.

The other factor is that portrait paintings of family¡¯s death people should not be suitable for hanging on people¡¯s home. Otherwise, it would affect the lucky of people and increase the pressure of people in their daily life.

On the other hand, the home decorative painting with the red color should not be suitable for home decoration because it will make their families have bad temper.

The above inhibition factors for the selection of home decorative painting such as portrait paintings family portraits and pet paintings should let people have more understanding about how to choose the suitable painting for people¡¯ s home. However, before the purchasing for the home decorative painting, people should firstly have fully knowing about the style of their own home¡¯s decoration style and feature. Only in that way could they find their most suitable painting for their home decoration.

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