China - As the rice cooker is the normally used appliance in each people¡¯s home, the failures of some parts of this equipment should be very commonly. Where parts of stainless Rice Cooker will easy to have problems after long period of using? Today, the editor from famous China rice cooker manufacturer Guangdong Bester Household Products Ltd will introduce with people these commonly problems and the better solutions of these problems.

Generally, the power metal joints of the Digital Rice Cooker will occur the phenomenon of oxidation or contacting loose after the using of two or more years. Thus, the plug and socket connections will be produce the short circuit, which can lead to the burning down of the rice cooker. People should note that they need always check power plug socket cooker whether there exist the oxide layer before using. If these phenomena exist, people should generally use a knife to scratch or rub it which can play a role in maintenance.

In general, the careless dealing with the water overflow in the process of cooking or the damp environment caused by weather changing will do great affect with the bakelite socket. These situations will easy to result in bakelite insulation resistance becomes smaller. As long as this situation occurred, people need to pay more attention to deal with it.

Sometimes, heating plate vacant caused by the uneven putting of the inner pot of the Non Stick Rice Cooker or Steamer Rice Cooker should also very seriously problems. This will result in the non-transmission of the heat produced by hot plates and then the burning down of this part is sooner or later. After the happening of this, people need to slightly turn the inner pot into the rice cooker and then the seriously result will be totally avoided.

Also, the Deluxe Rice Cooker which has been used for a long period of time will all get the problem of losing the function of automatically power cutting off. This situation is due to the elasticity losing of spring in MagSwitch of the Deluxe Rice Cooker. It will result in the loss of the function of magnets part and then the rice cooker cannot quickly cut off the power when the temperature reach to the limited degrees. The solution for this situation is to try to restore the elasticity of the spring or directly replace the old one with new springs.

At last, the editor from Guangdong Bester Household Products Ltd reminds of each reader that Prevention is better than cure . Please eliminate the reason for each above problem in the daily using of these rice cookers.
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