China - Although 3d printing is very impressive new technology and it could bring about many convenient to today¡¯s industrial manufacturer and new tech development, there are still many restraints for personal precision 3D printing. So, the professional and precision plastic injection mould have become new industry. Today, the professional 3D print services supplier will tell each people these restraints.

Material constraints

While high-end industrial printing can achieve plastic, metal or ceramic printing, but the material which could be used for printing is relatively expensive. In addition to the expensive materials, the printer has not yet reached a high level of maturity and it cannot support the wide variety of materials in daily lives of people.

Limitations of the machine

The ability of 3D printing technology¡¯s reconstruction of the object geometry has gained the certain level and almost any static shape can be printed out by 3D printing TECHNOLOGY. However, the printing of those moving objects and their definition would be difficult to achieve. This problem may be solved by these professional cnc machined prototypes supplier such as but it will be very difficult to let the 3D printing technology get into the average family. If everyone wants to free to print whatever you want, then they need to firstly solve the problems about the limitation of the machine.

Concerns of intellectual property

In the past few decades, the areas of music, film and television pay more attention to intellectual. In the near future, the industry of 3D printing technology could also connect with this problem because the reality of a lot of things in people¡¯s daily life will become more widely spreading. People are freely to copy anything and no limitation to the number. How to make 3D printing laws and regulations to protect intellectual property should be one of the seriously problems people need to face.

Overall speaking, the main restraints from the 3D printing technology to public applying should be the more experience price of the printing machine and the lack of the printing materials. That is why most of people who want to enjoy the professional 3D print service need to get help from the specialized supplier . In the future, if people could find reasonable solutions for these restraints, the development of 3D printing technology will become more quickly. However, each people need to have enough patients to wait for this day.

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