Japan -Most of game fans should know more about the Nintendo DS. There are many kinds of DS game cards for this www.biztrade925.com game platform such as new super Mario bros and Mario party DS games. However, the structure of this Nintendo DS is original from the classical Game Boy but there are also many different points. The display screen of the Nintendo DS gamer has been consisted of the dual 3-inch LCD screen with backlight Nintendo which has already made the game screen be doubled. In the playing process of game on the old came platform, many games must be switched through the screen to see the information. But now, the appearing of the Nintendo DS could help people easily see this information. On the other hand, there are also many other features for the Nintendo DS game. The big name online seller ( www.biztrade925.com ) for DS game cards such as super Mario 64 DS games and pokemon diamond version games would let people know about these features one by one.

The first feature should be the touch screen. However, the touch screen is one of the biggest features of Nintendo DS. In usual, the bottom of the touch screen should be equipped with the touch pen. With the help of the touch screen and the touch pen, the player can freely control the game character. On the other hand, the introduction of the touch screen has also given people some special experience.

The second feature of the Nintendo DS game should be the voice recognition through the fuselage of nintendo ds games the microphone. This kind of feature should be the newly character for most of the traditional players. Through this kind of function or feature, all of players can manipulate the game character or other function in the game playing by voice.

On the other hand, this game has also introduced the Wireless communication for the game playing. The limitation for this game could allow up to 16 individual people to direct have the wireless communication. However, the group of people could also access into the Nintendo Wi-Fi server and achieve the global war. Maybe nobody has ever heard about this kind of function for the tiny game platform such as GBA. However, it has been achieved by the Nintendo DS. With the assistant of this function, people could achieve the effect of the online game in the computer.

The last feature should be the Dual cartridge slot. The body of the Nintendo DS has new super mario bros been equipped with both Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance game cartridge slot. People could use the cheap Nintendo DS game card such as the new super Mario bros game wholesale. On the other hand, people should also use the old GBA card.

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