China - In addition to the normally attacking and defusing skills and strategies, the NHL America football game also contain some special skills which will also do great influence to the progress of match. Today, the specialized editor from famous online seller for Cheap NFL Jerseys will introduce with each NFL fans these special skills.


The technique of punt is usually in the fourth attacking that the attack does not has any actually effect. By this skill, the player should get the ball as close to opponent¡¯s field (in the case of the ball not bounded ) so that the opponents will start their next attacking far away from our position and then all players of our side could get sufficient time to defend and block the continue attacking of the opponent.

Frankly speaking, the skill of punt is the perfectly combination of distance and force accuracy. If the ball landed out of bounds, it will re-conduct a punt in the same place. If the ball falls onto the sector and foreign pop circles, then the match will be restarted at the position where the ball out of the boundary.

If the players of the opponent field catch the ball dropping his position, this opponent player can choose to start the next round of games in the last 20-yard distance of circle. On the other hand, they could also catch the ball to run into the field of the opponent field. From this point, each people could see that the punt skill really need to the very high precision and accuracy. Otherwise, it will become the opportunity of the opponent.


Apart from the punt skill, the editor from famous NFL Jerseys China online seller will tell people other special skill in this game which name is the penalty. Many people will be very amazing that the America football game also own the penalty skill. This skill and strategy is actually exists. In the fourth attack or when the game time is running out, the penalty could help the team get three goals. The advanced rule is that the ball needs to pass through the ball gate of the opponent. Sometimes, the ball flying distance will be very far away from the ball gate of opponent. In this case, the related kicker must kick the ball with sufficient force and accuracy feeling. On the other hand, the factors of parabolic and other elements such as wind direction need to be taken into account.

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