A recent study by data analysts at a price comparison site has found that people with certain star signs are more like than others to claim on single trip travel insurance from companies such as Insuremore.

Signs of the Zodiac have been long rumoured to influence businesses, but a new study shows that the twelve astrological signs and their associated traits actually have significant effects on travel insurance claims. Data analysts at the price comparison website have found that Gemini, Cancer and Pisces are the three star signs most likely to make claims on single trip travel insurance. Interestingly, the Sagittarius, notorious for an adventurous and carefree lifestyle, were found to make the lowest number of claims overall.

The air signs, namely Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, were found to be most likely to make claims for travel delay, with Aquarius making 92 percent more claims than Cancer, and 28 percent more than the average number of claims in total. Though having fewer travel delay claims than most, Cancer natives made the most claims overall, with 10.6 percent more than Pisces, their fellow water sign, which was second. For lost passport claims, Libras seemed to be the most forgetful, perhaps leading to them having the highest number of missed departure claims. In terms of airport trouble, those with Gemini signs were found to make the most overall claims for loss of baggage and money, claiming 27 percent more than fellow star signs. Aries are typically believed to be courageous and determined, which would explain why they make the least claims for cancellation of their holidays, against Scorpios, who top the list.

A spokesman for the company conducting the research has said that they have found interesting connections between Zodiac signs and travel insurance.

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