Dubai - With the popularity of Tablet PC, this sort of electrical device already became commonly used thing for each people in daily life. However, the Tablet PC is very as weak as the other big screen smart phone which will easy to have failure in everyday using. In this case, the daily maintenance is very necessary thing for each dubai shopping user. Today, editor from kingsouq which is the famous online seller for electronics will tell people which factor people need to pay more attention to the maintaining of this electrical device.

Thermal Dissipation

If people put the mobile phones on soft goods, such as sofa and bed, these soft things may block the vents and this situation will affect the operation of the cooling effect thereby reducing the working effectiveness of tablet PC or even crash. This point should be particularly noted in the season of summer.

LCD Panel

In addition to the problem of heat Dissipation, the other crucial factor should be the LCD panel. First, people should not use sharp objects to touch screen surface of the tablet PC which could help to avoid scratching on the glass surface.

Second, the large force for pressing the surface of LCD screen should also be totally avoided as it will cause into the damage for internal components of this electrical device.

Thirdly, if people do not use their tablet PC for a long period of time, they can temporarily turn off the LCD screen power through the function keys as this habit could help to save electricity and extend the life of the screen.

At last, after long term of using, the screen surface will attract dust due to static electricity. For the cleaning for these dust, the editor from kingsouq suggest people purchasing professional LCD screen cleaning cloth to clean their screen. However, the cleaning process by the cloth needs to be gently enough.


First, people should know that the most suitable working temperature for battery should be arranged from 10 to 25 centigrade. If the temperature of the operation environment is too high or too low, it will reduce the battery usage time.

Secondly, if there is no external power supply and the working conditions do not need any external device, it recommends to remove external devices to extend the using life of the battery.

Thirdly, the battery power correction needs to be done at each three months . On the other hand, the application of the power adapter which is also known as AC Adapter should be instructed by international reference voltage instructions.

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