Beijing - People should have some knowledge that the human body has a self- preservation instinct. If people¡¯s eye encounter with high light, their pupil will naturally become smaller than before which could let less energy ultraviolet light enter into people¡¯s eye. However, if people wear the sunglass without the UV protection function, the dark color of the sunglass would make people¡¯s pupil become larger than before and the UV would quickly enter into people¡¯s eye without any protection. This would damage people¡¯s eye. So, people should choose the high quality sunglass such as Cartier glasses.

The editor of website has told people the reason about why sunglasses can block UV rays is that the surface of the sunglass such as Karen walker sunglasses has been added a layer of special coating. This kind of coating layer could help to protect people¡¯s eyes while the poor quality sunglass does not have the function of prevent the UV. On the other hand, the poor sunglass would also cause the nausea, forgetfulness, insomnia and other symptoms of visual fatigue. People should pay more attention to that.

The color for the lens of the sunglasses should be better cartier glasses the light gray, brown or smoke. In addition to these colors, the green, amber and blue is also the good choice for the color of sunglass. The red color one could be only used for sunbathing or snowing area.

If people usually drive the car, they should be best to wearing the polarized sunglasses which would be able to decrease glare light from the outside environment.

When the sun goes down, people should be better to remove their sunglasses. Otherwise, the sunglass would affect people¡¯s vision in the place where have low light.

However, if people want to purchase the high quality sunglass such as chrome sunglass hearts, they should first choose one high reputation supplier for sunglass such as women sunglasses. The website would provide with people the high quality products.

However, when it is in the purchasing process, people should also pay more cartier glasses attention to the surface of lens for the sunglass such as Cartier glasses. The quality of the surface of the lens of the sunglass would directly show the quality of the sunglass. No matter what kind of situation, the expensive would mostly have the reliable quality. All of these famous brand sunglasses such as Karen walker sunglasses and chrome hearts would give people the peaked experience about the using for sunglass. However, if people want to purchase the most famous sunglass with the reasonable price, they could browse the website

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